I don't know whether I should meet him or not?

When I was in sixthform I had a guy in the year below me in year12 who had a crush on me he used to always stare and he mentioned to one of my close guy mates that he liked me..we never really spoke facetoface throughout college but the last few days of when I was in year13 I had the courage and added him on Facebook so I could at least get to know him before I left sixthform..we ended up talking a few times on Facebook chat then we kinda of just stopped as we both went away for the summer holiday and like recently he messaged me again in September and we were talking every now and then..we ended up exchanging numbers and talked a few times there and also added each other on snapchats..Ever since snapchat we Haven't talked through text messages its been constantly on snapchats where we've sent pictures and videos..I need to go back to sixth form so I could collect my certificates I went in September to collect them but there was an problem so I couldn't collect it I mentioned to him that I went sixthform the day after and he got all excited he was like why didn't you say you were there I didn't see you next time your there tell me ;) my certificates are ready so I need to go in to collect him..he said me to message him when I go to collect them I don't know if I should..i'm a bit nervous I haven't actually spoken to this guy face to face I don't want it to be awkward..his also one of them guys who thinks they can get any girl and he talks to a lot of girls I'm probably just some other girl to him.. so I'm not too sure what do you think I should do should I text him if I end up going? what should I say? Do you think he may like me still? am I over analyzing things?

i ended up going last week to collect my result I texted him I was coming once I got there he had a free lesson so we just chillled together got to know each other after I left he was like I'll text you sometime soon and it ended up texting the next day asking how I was and stuff which was quite nice we've been talking everyday on snapchat.. however on Tuesday we went into deep convos and started talking about sex and stuff I told him my pov that I don't believe in sex before marriage he was just
like that's long I told him that I'm quite religious like I don't believe in them stuff I would prefer it to be after marriage and he seemed like he got offended he was like well your not exactly religious if you were you would cover up and stuff.. wish is true but I don't believe you should cover up to be a good Muslim I mean I still drink at parties and stuff I'm not that strict I don't eat pork and I just don't believe in sex before marriage cos I have respect for myself also most guys these days just
just want sex so its kinda hard to find a decent guy out there..we just had a massive debate about it he disagreed with me he thinks its pointless that I should just believe in that as I'm a Muslim when I don't follow the other rules..he said that its my choice he doesn't care..the next day he puts a dp on bbm saying 'i wish I saved my virginity to someone who deserves it' so I messaged him as a joke to be like lol relates to my point of yesterday and he just took the mick and said I put it as a


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  • Over analyzing

    Just relax

    • I'm going to collect them on Friday should I just text him once I'm there and be like "hey I'm at ... to get my certificates you in today?"