Did he just fall off the face of the earth?

I've been going on dates with a guy for 4 weeks. I'm a nurse he's a resident and my cousin who is a co resident in surgery set us up. Everything has been great. He works weird hours and so do I so we don't see each other a lot. Last Friday he was out and texted me as he was sitting at the bar at the same place I was. Long story short he ditched his other two resident friends to hang with me. They kept blowing up his phone and he ignored them. He was alone anyways I was with a diff cousin. We hung out all night. We ended up kissing and he told me he really liked me I said oh you're so drunk but I like you too etc. My cousin was like wow you guys have a lot of chemistry and he's totally into you. So being a nurse it's in my nature to make sure people get home OK. So I drove his car and my cousin followed. He kept calling me baby etc but not trying to get me to sleep with him at all. We get to his place we make out in the car, then I leave with my cousin. He kept telling me how nice I was. Anyways so sat sun mon he texted first blowing up my phone. Tuesday I didn't hear from him which isn't unusual because occasionally we don't text everyday. Wednesday I send him a hey how are you hope your Wednesday is going well text because I never text first...and I got nothing back. I'm confused and he would've texted back by now. What the heck happened? Umm I thought he was into me?


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  • it's hard to say. I'd just back off. perhaps he started feeling a like things are progessing to fast too soon or perhaps he's busy. maybe he is pulling back. It's hard to really know but he is a resident with crazy hours so hopefully it's just a matter of him being busy but it does seem odd that he didn't respond even with a short text...

    unless you did something that would have turned him off I think it's just one of those situations (and I've had them) where you just get busy in my world and forget to text people

    • Thank you. Yeah that's the thing I only texted one text and I've only texted first four times since we've been dating. I'm 27 he's 29 and I've learned a lot with the whole texting and stuff. So my one text scared him off? The last conversation we had was about our college football teams I've been playing it real chill trust me ha ha. And does this mean he's gone for good if it's going too fast?

    • i don't think it scared him off I think perhaps just the speed of getting together may have...but I'm not saying that just that if there is a specific reason he's not texting (as opposed to just being busy or just forgot) could be that he's a bit nervous about how fas it's going... just try not to assume much

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