What is going on with this situation? Need some perspective.

I met this European man on a dating site that I fell really hard, fast crazy for. I don't even know what it was but he was physically very different from rest of men I have met locally. We went on a few dates initially then our relationship became what seemed solely physical and he seemed to only want to 'watch a movie' or hang out doing nothing that cost him money. I am not looking to be wined and dined at fancy restaurants but needed to know I was just his booty call. He works in the bar industry so his schedule was always late/odd. He has been divorced twice and is 12 years older than me. He also mentioned he tried kissing another man once, which I can't imagine my father or brother ever in a million years trying but I ponded it off as 'European' ….In the bedroom he was very selfish and didn't seem to understand the female anatomy which shocks me being married twice and at his age. I am extremely hygienically conscious and major into yoga, running and modeled for a number of year so I know it wasn't about being physically unappealing. Recently I called off the 'routine' with him because I started feeling used and cheap and wanted to get out before my heart was anymore involved. He said he really cared about me a lot and didn't want to disappoint me. However, actions speak louder and he hasn't even bothered contact after my very very nice message of 'we are looking for different things.'

He was extremely recently divorced although he claimed they left on very friendly terms. On our second date he asked what I was looking for... which the comment made me uncomfortable….

Anyway, not really sure what I am asking here, just wanted some male feedback to this situation. I wish I could just block it out and move on but it's been a hard hurdle to climb as I fell pretty hard for him. Could he be gay or bi, nothing against gay just wondering from a guy's mind?

Thanks for any feedback :)


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  • Well could be more then one factor here that maybe make him that way. First you mentioned his recently divorced? That can be one its disappointing, hearth broken, his self esteem down and so on.. Its kind hard to imagine way his not taking you out if he wants to get over his craps it could be his having some money problems but then he could talk about this stuff whit u. Anyway you did the right chose dumping him or taking a break his kind broken at the moment .It's his lose he can't see you are a great woman( assuming I don't know you in real life ) and doesn't want to fight for you make you happy ( spicily the bed time). And he could be scared too how tings would evolve, maybe wants to get back to his ex somehow . If you want him badly talk to him ask him to explain this things way .


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