Why she stopped texting me?

Hi everyone!

I have been texting with a girl a lot for about one and 1/2 month now.

Sometimes we also Skyped, Skyped til one of us fel asleep.

When we text, we text like the whole day, and we compliment each other alot.

but these last days she responds me less frequently.

Yesterday we texted like 6x each, and later that day she wrote god night and so did I.

(ofc I wrote good night in a sweetway with smiley etc)

Today she Haven't answered or anything, so I just try to stay cool and wait.

What do you guys/girls thinks this is? and if she writes back, today or tomorrow how shall I take it/react?


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  • It could be that she's busy, or lost interest, or doesn't have her phone on her all the time, or she needs to charge it so she could text/call again, ... How about you ask her? Because we can only come up with ideas and thoughts but you don't know which one is right.

    Just wait until she answers or texts you and then you could ask her if she was busy or something.

  • if you like this girl, never ignore her text, NEVER

    ignoring text is so rude,

    try to talk normally,

    maybe she is worrying about other things, IDK


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