Does this girl want me or not?

There is this girl I work with and really like. I think she has shown many signs of interest. However she seems to go through hot and cold cycles with me where one day she will talk a lot to me and almost ignore me the next. She teases me all the time about everything. She knows I'm single and will often tease me about that such as asking "hows your girlfriend?" Recently she has started suggesting I should have a girlfriend and said it would be good if I had a blind date but she never gave me any idea who this could be. I don't know what to think as talking to me about girlfriends and dating has become an obsession. Is she testing me or not?

Also on some occasions I'm sure she's trying to make me jealous by saying how nice other guys are and saying who's good looking. Is she trying to get me by playing games ?


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  • Ask her out. See if she wants to get dinner after work or go to a happy hour. If it seems like she is teasing you about girlfriends, stop her, make solid eye contact, and ask her what she is implying. Playing games can be frustrating but it is a test to see if you can play at her level. If you can that can mean that you might be fun to be with. Start polishing your wit.

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