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Lets say you met a girl in college and started to like her, and were starting to go out and then she told you she had never even kissed a guy before. Would this freak you out or even turn you off? If so why?


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  • It wouldn't turn me off. See One thing I've noticed is nearly every girl I ever kissed, kissed differently and I end up adapting to the way they kiss. If she never kissed before I would be patient with her, and when we do kiss I'll adapt to her as she will likely adapt to me.

    (strictly hypothetical though...)


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  • it wouldn't turn me off at all. in fact, I'd be happy to be the first one to kiss her/to teach her how to kiss. I'd admire her for being brave enough to admit it. in my opinion "innocent" girls are a big turn on, but unfortunately there aren't a lot of them my age out there. *cries*

  • it definitely wouldn't be something to freak someone out, and if it did...there not worth messing with, because who in their right mind wouldn't want someone who hadnt been "spoiled by others".


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