Am I just worrying too much or is it something else?

This teenage boy and I like each other and we text every day for most of the day. umm we also have gone on two dates and plan on going on more, but we don't text as so often (as I from morning yo night when we sleep) is rhat normal for a teenage boy to not always text or is it something more? Please help! :)


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  • It's totally normal. Guys suck at staying in constant contact, even as we get older. There's going to be a level of contact that each guy is comfortable with and it may be less than what you'd like. As frustrating as that is, you can't really change each others' preferences, and trying to do so will have both of you resenting it.

    The best you can do is give positive feedback when he contacts you.

  • Haha it's normal you guys only went on two dates so he 1. doesn't feel close enough to you to have that relationship yet or 2. doesn't want to bother you or look clingy...

    If there's another reason I'd be surprised haha


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