What the hell is going on? Am I in the wrong?

I caught up with an old male friend from school on Facebook when he started posting about dramas with his kids and ex girlfriend. We got talking, then we started looking for places to live together in a flatting situation (He's hardly ever around, travels a lot with his job so would mainly be my daughter and I in the house).

Last night we were texting about houses, I was sending him links to ones I'd found etc, then he said night and was going to bed (He has a girlfriend, I have a bf).

The next morning, I got all these strange messages from him, one saying I couldn't move in with him anymore. I started getting calls from him, but when I answered he didn't say anything.

I asked him why and his reply was " you being around is ruining my relationship with my girlfriend, she means more to me than you do and we can't talk anymore" I said OK, I really felt like I'd missed half the conversation but couldn't really talk cos I was at work.

He then said I'd been flirting with him and I decided to just mark his number as spam, remove off Facebook etc. Before I did I apologized if I'd given the wrong impression and wished him luck for the future. There were multiple texts in my spam folder saying 'dont text me anymore' etc etc

I've been racking my brains trying to figure out how he could go from being perfectly fine one day then turning completely different the next, I've never said anything inappropriate to him - I'd be more than happy for my boyfriend to read our conversations we've had to try and shed some light (i've deleted them though because it made me mad seeing these texts)

Can anyone who's had this happen before give me some insight into why this has happened?


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  • Almost certainly, his girlfriend looked through his messages and found many of yours, and really got angry with him, so he had no choice but to cut off contact with you.

    Especially when she found you chatting about getting a place together! She made her own interpretation of that, and you can't totally blame her, can you?

    • No I don't blame her, I was more pissed off about being labelled as flirting with him when I haven't been thanks for your answer

    • You're welcome, remember me for best answer!

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  • His girlfriend freaked out.. He threw you under the bus because he doesn't want to jeopardize the relationship with her.

  • If your boyfriend would become aware of you looking for places to live together with that guy in a flatting situation, texting about houses, How would your boyfriend feel?

    • If my boyfriend had to read through my messages to find out I was planning to flat with my friend, I wouldn't consider myself a decent girlfriend - I can understand where this girl is coming from if that's how she found out, I just assumed he would of told her

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  • I know EXACTLY what happened (I think); you and him were great and his girlfriend didn't like it, fom her view she was prbably scared for him tolive with another woman who she barely knew, she was most likely the one calling from his phone and not saying anythingso she could hear your voice, probablyher who sent those msgs and she probably told him hehad to choose between you and her. So, you did nothing wrong, everythhing happened like it did because she didn't trust him. Because there is no way a guy wold just spin 180 degrees from your good friend to not wanting to speak to you again like that. I havewitnessed this psycho type behavior before, don't worry you're good to go :)

    • Thanks, I did wonder if it was her - this makes sense thanks for your answer

    • No problem, glad to help!

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