Is this good style for a first date?

Hi, I've got a first date coming up and just need to double check I've got my style sorted and aren't going to make a idiot of myself straight away ( I normally save that for the second date!)

I'm planning on wearing skinny jeans, a smart polo shirt with some brogue shoes. But is this smart enough for a date?

The girl I'm seeing is wearing a dress so I wonder if maybe I should go super smart too.

Maybe grey trousers white shirt and patent shoes? Or will I look like I'm off to a wedding?

Any advice is welcomed and appreciated thanks!


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  • Sorry I wouldn't dig the skinny jeans. Yeah... Uh try to dress smartly with out OVER doing it. I like the whole polo idea, color of the brogues depends on the color of the shirt, not to dark though. Also your talking about clothes, but don't mess the hair up. Some guys hair looks like they just got out of bed, yeah. As long as you don't over or under dress you should be fine. Go on clothes stores and see what their ensembles are for outfits.

    Raplh Lauren does a great job with pairing trousers to polos, also belts too.

    not saying you have to wear ralph lauren, but they know how to use polos.

    This color shoe look at topman and go to brogues, they have some lovely colors, not saying you have to buy them but the color is good

    Yep, and if you decide to wear long sleeved button up shirt, don't wear a tie, don't button up all the way either.

    And I'll say no to the grey trousers, maybe yes to khakis though.

    • Hi thanks for taking the time to answer, I'm not into khakis but I've got some khaki chinos, I looked at a Ralph Lauren and I've got the perfect polo and belt to go with them. Ha that's weird you said check topmsn for brogues because that's where I got mine from! Yep I got fish fibre for my hair too so hopefully I should look good! Thanks for your advice it really helped me out!

    • Haha! That's amazing! I can never find anyone that shops there ( I really like topshop ).

      Good luck! I think You'll look great

    • Ha thanks, I'm from England and top shop is big here!

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  • dont use skinny jeans, use jeans that fit you like mcsteamy on Valentine's day.


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  • Less is best; as you say, you don't want to look like a bridesmaid. I'd be as casual as possible. Try for a relaxed look; it's important not only for you to feel relaxed, but to make her feel less like she is going to a photo shoot, and more at ease.

    I'd try to wear something a little out of the ordinary, a shirt with a different sort of style to it, just to get her attention. Otherwise, I wouldn't be looking much in the mirror. Trying to be more fashionable than her will put her off.

  • No man should ever wear skinny jeans.

  • I'm in your age range.

    I was recently put back on the market (dumped) and when I started dating again, I generally just wore jeans (not skinny, wide leg) an undershirt, and a button-down shirt (with a pattern, and usually fitted) with the sleeves rolled up. A kind of "half casual" look, but still somewhat dressy. Clean black sneakers.

    Always got compliments on my style of dress, especially positive remarks on how I didn't just show up wearing a T or polo shirt.

    I took my date to more upscale, but not formal, places, combined with more casual venues later, if things were going well.