The guy I'm dating was in a 3 year relationship before me and I'm worried I'm a rebound?

Im dating this guy who is super amazing...he's already planned dates into December! he texts me pretty much most of the day every day and actually plans out dates with me rather than just saying "you pick something".

im a little concerned because he just got out of a relationship with an Asian girl who he was with for about three years. when I say "just" I mean they took a trip together to Europe in late June so I'm guessing it ended in July sometime.

im worried about a few things:

1. he's still fb friends with her and said she will text him if she gets stressed about a test or something but at the same time said he doesn't believe in being friends with exes.

2. she's Asian (Korean) and I'm not. I can't ask him this (because it's really rude) but what if he's really into Korean girls (Im not Asian)?

3. What if he's not over her yet?

he said they broke up because she didn't take advantage of the free time that he did have to give to her but other than that I don't know why they broke up.

he seems really into me, being that he's made plans all the way into December for us (concrete plans, too) and he said he's not dating anyone else but me. we're not boyfriend/girlfriend just dating.

i don't want to be his rebound, and then he decides that he wants to get back with his ex and I get hurt (that's happened in a past relationship of mine).

what are your thoughts? what should I do?


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  • Last may I had been dumped in a really crumby way by my girlfriend of 3 1/2 years and a week later I was casually dating another girl. Fast forward to present day, I am still with that girl and I feel happier than I did before her. Life is wonderful. My opinion is that if you go into this relationship feeling this way it will turn out bad. Be positive


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  • I can't speak for the guy, but I don't think many people put so much thought into rebounds.

    • good point...i didn't think of that at all!

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  • I mean, don't start picking out baby names or anything but I'd say you should give the guy a chance. I'd say almost 4 months after the breakup isn't really too soon to get back in the game. It'd probably concern me a little bit if the guy I was dating still kept in frequent contact with his ex but the fact that he does shows that at least he can handle things maturely. I also wouldn't really worry about the Asian thing. He obviously is attracted to you if he's going out of his way like that. I think you're really over thinking it. :)

  • Just take it day by day and I'm sure if he wasn't initially attracted to you he wouldn't have gave you the time of day. So don't worry.

  • i think its much more than a rebound.