Does she like this other guy? I'd rather she be happy, but she says she isn't seeing anyone?

Couple of weeks ago, he wrote on her wall for her birthday saying "Happy birthday "cutie" have a nice day" and she replied "Haha OI what've I told you! My word! X". Then later on when she uploads a picture, he says "Wit actual woo cutiepie ;)"

Then recently, I saw they followed each other on Twitter and he writes "Haven't seen not one bit of this film! Blame a certain someone but she shall be let off" and she favourites his tweet (a couple of his).

So the other day I see he tags her in a quoted tweet that says "retweet if you're beyonce" then saying "reminded me of you this did haha"

her - hahaha :) you know it

him - hahahahaha omg your twitter pic has made me roll off my bed laughing

her - me and my boyfriend on my birthday night out ;) (her pic is a photoshopped image)

him - hahahahaha you's look like a match made in heaven

her - that's because we are ;) hahahaa

Seems like they've been talking and flirting, but she has been distant to me. She's single and can do what she wants obviously, if it makes her happy then that doesn't bother me.

I told her through a Facebook message, that it seemed like she likes someone and that if it makes her happier then that's good for me as I want to see her happy (basically as if I accepted it and was moving on).

She replied back the evening after, but she sent it as a text and not a Facebook message saying something like "You do realize how ridiculously sounding this is don't you? I'm not seeing anyone like I told you I wasn't" etc.

What do you think? They seem close and flirty and if this guy makes her happy, then I'd rather her go for it. Not sure why she'd go out of her way to text me saying she isn't seeing anyone, when it seems obvious she does like this guy and has acted distant lately towards me.


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  • Looks like she is just enjoying the attention he is giving her.. I don't smell anything serious here.

    But just so that you are not hurt, I'd suggest you back off for a few days, just check if she will come back to you on her own or not.

    • To be quite honest, she sent that text Thursday evening and I haven't read it all, just the "preview" bit you get on the iPhone, as my plan was to wait until the end of the weekend so I could get myself together and think straight.

      I also noticed he liked 2-3 of her photo's on Facebook and she liked his. It seems like my fault she's acting distant with me though after how I've been acting. It's like she's stopped flirting with me and has started with this guy..

    • ... as an example, two weeks ago when it was her Birthday, I sent her an online card through Facebook message, after 8 days I never got a reply yet it said "seen". So I reinitiated, saying that we don't seem to talk as much lately but I "saw your photo come up and that you look really nice". I then asked how her birthday was.

      She replied "Thanks! It was good, bit weird.. but good all the same.. You okay?". I asked why it was weird, got no reply.

      That's when I sent the "liking someone else" msg

    • If I can give you just one advice at this time it'd be - don't get worked up and waste time on her. She isn't interested in you right now as she is elsewhere. Just so that things don't completely blow up between the two of you, rest this matter for sometime. Replying to you long after seeing your message means she is consciously sending you signals to give her some space and maintain distance. Sooner or later you have to face it, but if you want me to give it to you straight-sry,she isn't into you

  • i don't think she likes you. she only sees you as a friend


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