Having a hard time forgetting. Thoughts?

Well I met this girl online a month ago, and we met up after a week of talking for some food. Since then we have texted on an off, and have come to kind of an awkward (at least for me) lapse in communication. I invited her hiking last week and she said that she would love to, but when I proposed a specific time and place, she told me that she couldn't because of how busy she was. Its kind of been this way, she has been busy whenever we've tried to make plans. But she still kept saying how she has wanted to hang out. Well after she turned me down last week, I kind of took that as rejection and since then have not texted her. Its been a week, and I was kinda just gonna forget her, but she seems like such a perfect match for me, that I am having a hard time just forgetting her. I also don't know if she just wasn't into me, and if forgetting her is a mistake.

I was in a similar situation where I just kinda forgot about a girl for a month and texted her out of the blue asking her out, and that went well. She is also a senior in hs still, and I am a college freshman.


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  • well I would jsut try o talk to other girls and forget about her.

    • Yeah I have been trying to get myself out there and meet more women. After all I am in college, so how hard can it be.

  • She's not interested though


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