How to break up with someone you have been dating for two years?

My significant other and I have been dating for two years. We starting dating in high-school and are currently going to different colleges. We didn't thoroughly get to know each other before dating, we kinda just jump right in. In the beginning of our relationship he was kind and sweet, as it should be. I remember being so in love with him... It was towards the middle of our relationship when I started to realize how short tempered and impatient he was. I've noticed his brother and dad have similar characteristics. Anyway, this would cause him to snap and yell at me at times. When he would do this, it would make me feel so upset and worthless. Sometimes I would even cry. It was about 5 months ago when I told him if he ever snapped at me again I'd break up with him. Luckily, he hasn't snapped since. I should be happy right? He's actually putting in effort into our relationship. The problem is I'm not sure I feel the same as I did at the very beginning of our relationship. It's as if his mistreatment's have caused me to see things differently. I know that If I break up with him it will crush him and maybe it will even hurt me at first. Sometimes I think there's better out there but I don't want to hurt him especially now that he's actually trying. He has this whole idea that we are going to get married someday so you can imagine where I'm coming from. All advise is welcomed.


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  • Of course, no man will ever be perfect, but if you believe there is better out there, that's a dead giveaway it's time to move forward. I've been in a relationship for about a year and half and I love my boyfriend more than anything. But, he is very short tempered too. It's a matter of whether or not you have a strong enough love to work out things. It seems like you don't, and as sad and heartbreaking as that is, it's easier to do what is best for you NOW, then waiting years from now and having to pay for a divorce. High school-College=BIG CHANGE. You aren't really who you were in high school. Do what is best for you! Just be open and honest with him, let him know why and give him closure when you break up with him. And for all you know, you could work it out. But if not, that's fine too. It's your world.