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What is normal in this type of situation?

Ok maybe I've really been flying solo too long and have been out of the loop so I really can't wrap my head around this and would need some advice and bear with me because I'm really bad with this stuff.

So let's say there's this girl who showed in many way she's sort of interested in a guy and the guy was able to play it cool. As a result they were getting closer and getting to know each other and everything. And finally sort of went out to hang out. The guy was as a big surprise even to him self able to make a move. And even though she let him come very close but didn't allow him to kiss her at the beginning eventually she gave in.

I'm guessing it's pretty normal for girls not to give in right away but if she really didn't want to be in this position she would have put a stop to it right?

Is it normal the for her to take the initiative after giving in and kissing the guy and hugging him and other stuff?

I'm guessing if she didn't like the guy she wouldn't have let him kiss her and get close to her not to even mention her kissing the guy. Right?

Ok so they go forward and somehow end up half naked on the couch making out. The girl for some for reason unknown stopped a couple of time and wanted to stop but when the guy pulled her near again she started kissing him back. Is this normal or was the guy too pushy and forcing her into something she didn't actually want?

Ok they went on and of for another couple of hours and repeating the whole process stopping and then getting into it again. But never went all the way because the guy didn't want to push her too much because she was sort of indicating to him that things were going too fast and she didn't want to go too far.

I'm guessing this is also normal? But then why did she let it go this far anyway if she didn't want to go too far?

Ok so after a couple of hours of this she had to leave and the went home. The guy of course being the gentlemen he is helped her get dressed and accompanied her to her house. On the way everything was cool they talked and had fun and even kissed a couple of times. I'm guessing if the girl didn't like him after almost sleeping with him she wouldn't have kissed him or even kissed him goodbye and hugged him. Right?

Ok the next they she text's him if he's OK and smiles and stuff. And then tells him that she thinks they made a mistake and went too far and she doesn't actually want to do this and that she doesn't like him anyway. That they should just forget everything that happened and be friends.

Not right!

And then in staid of pushing the guy away like it would normally happen when a girl doesn't like a guy. She still flirts with the guy and keeps texting him and evolving the relationship even further by texting in the middle of the night teasing him if he wants to get breakfast and stuff like that.

What is she playing at and why does it have to devastate the guy?

Girls pleas add your thoughts and guys pleas tell me how the guy should handle it and stay cool?

What is normal in this type of situation?
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