Too different to date?

She is basically my polar opposite. I'm religious, conservative, shy, careful, in school, ect. Yet, we know each other from the same group.

And yet somehow we are both attracted to each other?

P.S.- I would love to see our families faces if we started dating XD


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  • I'm currently in a similar situation but we have some huge differences i.e. ethnicity, religion,culture

    "It's pretty much your call, just know some relationships are just best left as friendships" I've tried dating my polar opposite personality wise a few times I'm more on the conservative quite side but I usually attract Mr.Popular, The Athlete or The Frat Guy it usually doesn't work for me our personalities clash too much which results in frequent confrontation but I've been able to still be friends with most of the guys from situations like those but not all

    If you're talking huge differences than that is 50/50 depending on many things but I know of some successful couples in my family that are now married

    " interracial, inter-religious"


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  • True love is not a match, it is a balance. Two opposite halves are necessary to create a balanced whole. Someone who needs what you have, and has what you need.

  • Too different to date? No.

    Unless, it's one of the things you find VERY important and value then it's best not to let anything blossom.

    My boyfriend and I are polar opposites, we do just fine.

    Compromise, honesty, and communication.

    --- It could be just a trial and error, she can balance things out, you can have some things in common, and/or just for short term.


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  • well, there's a reason they say "opposites attract"...

    Btw, is this a question or just a story?

    • Question... are we really too different? Especially for long term?

    • Well, assuming she's the opposite of the attributes you listed about yourself (you never said how she's different than you) - particularly atheist and a liberal, that MAY come into play in the long run.

      The personality traits - shyness v outgoing, careful v wreckless - and the school thing are all pretty insignificant.

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