How to get over the fact that the guy I'm dating dated a stripper?

Weve been seeing each other for about 4 months. Things are going great, he is wonderful and fun to be around and a great guy.

I really don't want something like this holding me back.

But now I feel so inadequate.

should I give him up because of my insecurity or give him a chaynce?

I feel so confused as to what to do now.

Any advice?


fyi- our sex life is amazing, he says he has never been with a girl that has liked to do all the things I like to it not our sex life.

I just feel very inaduquate because I'm not anything like her.


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  • Why do you feel inadequate? You're not a stripper. He decided he's stepping his game up and going for a classy dame.

    • wow you make me feel so good with that compliment thank you :)

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  • Jeez, get over it.

    A stripper is a stripper. a Sex worker is a sex worker. They are not one and the same. Trust my experience on this.

    Don't ruin a perfectly good relationship on your insecurity. He's going to lose interest on you if this keeps up.

  • maybe the point is that you're not anything like her


What Girls Said 2

  • What can she do that you can't? If anything, you're probably doing better than her.

    Sit and talk to him about your insecurities, let him hear you out, help him understand... As a couple, you talk to him about your feelings of inadequacy.

    It's not about giving him a chance, it's about giving yourself a chance with this great guy.


    My boyfriend's ex-girlfriends are go-go dancers and models. I talk to him about it when I start feeling that way, he reassures and helps me through this.

    You're just going to have to trust him. He's with you, he enjoys your company, I'm sure he does a lot of stuff for you that shows he wants to be around you and guess what? You're not stripping. Just like how I'm not walking down some runway.

  • You feeling inadequate has everything to do with your own insecurities and nothing to do with "giving him up" won't change how you feel about yourself...only you can do that.

    Besides, he's with you now, isn't he? So he dated a stripper before...he's not dating her now. Let the past be in the past and be confident with yourself because of who you are...not based on others.

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