Should I be worried?

I've been talking to this guy ..we met at a concert and hit it off. He left to go back to Texas the next day for two months of military stuff. We have talked everyday the last two months all day long through texts. He said he missed me,couldn't wait to see me, that kind of thing and he was believable.

Just last week he started acting funny and didn't respond to my messages like usual. He kept telling me he was busy. I don't deal well with being ignored, (past relationship issues). I sent him texts, probably more than I should have because I was scared that things changed. He said no, but still continues to ignore me and responds with one word answers.

I'm sure he is busy to come home in the next couple days, but I keep thinking I did something. Two months of talking and then right before he comes home, this happens.

I feel awful and don't know what to do? Help!

Would anyone else be worried if someone did this to you?


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  • when is he coming home? perhaps he's finishing up some loose ends before heading home. but I think you're overreacting a bit. otherwise maybe ask him when he has a few minutes if he can call you. just say you miss him and would love to talk to him if for only a minute or two and you can sort of gauge where he is at then.

    i just hate reading things into text messages. I would often feel alienated or something early in my relationship with my current girlfriend, and I'd get personally hurt and sort of mad and I'd ask wtf was up. more often than not she was just busy, forgot her cell somewhere, etc... so I just try to avoid letting emotions get the better of me as a result of text messaging

    • I asked, and He said that the more I try and text him and he doesn't respond, just makes him not want to respond back fof longer. Still haven't heard from him and it's been about a day and a half.

      I feel like I am being punished for being concerned about something. Is a waste of time? Because if he did care, he'd say domethingbu now, right?

    • i can sort of understand what he means by the more the texts mount he doesn't want to respond but the fact is his inaction doesn't solve anything... It seems to me that he clearly isn't as invested in this as you are and so in that sense it may be a waste of time. hopefully a guy would feel obligated (due to his feelings for you) to respond and address issues and if he doesn't that apathy would indicate an overall lack of concern for the situation

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  • Either of the following

    A.) He's playing hard to get.

    B.) He's talking to someone else

    C.) Something probably happened that might have upset him but it may not have to do with you and he just doesn't feel like talking to anyone

    My best advice is to occupy yourself in something else for a while amd not call/text him for a while.Find out how long he's home for and about a week or 2 before he leaves again try texting him again if he hasn't done so already.