I messed up with a girl I think?

Hey guys I'm confused. There's this girl who's number I got a little less then 2 weeks ago. Before that though, she was showing signs of interest: body language, staring at me, touching hair, smiling, looking down when I talk to her, soft voice when she talks to me- aka she is shy, but I figured she's interested so that's why I got her number in the first place. Anyways the first week after getting her number was good, she seemed interested and had lots of emoticons and it generally seemed that had at least a little attraction towards me. A couple of days ago, after about 10 days since I got her number, decide to write a "good morning beautiful" text to hint to her, but she never replied. Keep in mind that all the other conversations I started with her she replied to all of them happily. So why would she ignore this text where I call her beautiful? Also: I don't call her only text because I'm shy. Is she playing hard to get? Not interested? Trying to make me call her? Moving too fast? She's single! I realized I sent this WAYYYY too "out of the blue" (and to be honest we're not "good" friends)... but from the past I learned that I move too slow so now I tried something different - and this happens.

The plan was going to see how she reacted to my message then I would determine if I would ask her out on a date or not, but it seems like the latter? IDK, maybe I'm over thinking this way too much.

I was supposed to see her in class today but she didn't come.. she texted me and a classmate in group message to grab an assignment for her if there was any and (she never texts me in group message) told me that she was heading to a football game with her friends, but I actually saw her before class literally 10 minutes before but I don't think she saw me, but I saw HER. She looked tired and kind of depressed to be honest.

What do I do now and what is she thinking? How should I act?


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  • I would move on but not literally move on like focus on you and let her come to you.it seems like your putting more effort in this then she is so less trying and realize what you do deserve and don't deserve she using you and avoiding you witch makes her immature when she can be honest and up front on how she feeling about you if she's showing less interest in you imagine how things would of been in a relationship with her you deserve better and realizing that it should be 50/50 in putting effort in a relationship or friendship or any relationship you have with anyone


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  • I think you might have moved a little to fast for her and took her by surprise


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  • you sound pretty young, which reminds me of the mistakes I made not too long ago, heck I still do.

    Having sent that "hey beautiful" with nothing to follow it up clearly made your intentions known, have you flirted with her before? if so just say casually bring it up and keep flirting as to play it down.

    Or just man up, stop being shy, and say you don't like mind games and ask her out.

    Otherwise, try not think about it much, she probably went to talk with her friends about it. you skipped a few steps just keep the flirting up now so you don't make it as awkward for the two of you.