Is he avoiding me or really just busy?

I don't want to sound like a weirdo but it's been really bugging me so here goes. I met this guy at the beginning of last week on meetme and started talking and it went very well. I'll be 18 soon and I figured since I haven't had much luck in my little town I live in I'd try online to see how that went and stumbled across him. We had a couple days where we talked for the most part and then a couple days where we didn't talk really at all because he said he was busy which was cool! So he wanted to hang out and I decided I might as well and see how it goes so he came over on Friday and stayed over and it went VERY well. I was actually surprised how comfortable I felt around him because I am the one to get nervous around guys and choke up etc. We talked and watched a movie and cuddled and he complimented me a lot, so it's not like he seemed uninterested or mean. He gave me kisses on my cheeks and forehead and shoulders, chin, nose etc. all the cute stuff. In the morning when he left I walked him downstairs and he gave me a hug and a couple kisses and said "I'll message you later and that was it." But also he told me way early in the night that he was dreading the next day because he was going to be busy so when I didn't hear from him I wasn't all upset or anything. Anyways, it is now Monday and I've HARDLY heard from him. When I did talk to him he called me hun but he said he was busy so he never replied after that. Yesterday (Sunday) I asked him if he wanted to hang out and come over later and he said "I'll find out :)" and that's all I ever heard from him... he never messaged me back. So now, it is Monday 5pm and I haven't heard from him. I haven't messaged him because I don't want to pester him so I'm just curious, do you think he really just is busy or do you think he's ignoring me/avoiding me? It just went so well when we hung out that's why I'm confused, and I don't really know how guys work.

Oh P.S. the other day he viewed my profile on meetme (it tells you when someone does) and on his profile it said he was on an hour before that.. so I was also like if he has time to be online couldn't he have time to message me? Sorry this is long I just wanted to make sure you all knew the full story! Thanks!


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  • You sound really happy! I would let it take it's course! It's a very busy time of year for most of us whether it be work, family or school. Honestly he should have said something, knowing you could see him looking at your profile. Guys are different. Try not to let it bother you too much!


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  • sounds like he is BUSY dating..just continue meeting people don't stop at one yet

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