What went wrong?

I met this guy a few years ago and we have been friends all this time sure we would fight a lot but always managed move past it! we have our little dirty chats and sweet and deep chats all the time! but didn't see each other!

A few weeks ago he told me he was interested in me and I am interested in him! so we spoke for awhile but then he went into hospital and so I decided go down and see him! when I did I met his dad and his friend and we all got along, his dad liked me and so did his mate! he even text his friend saying "I'd smash her in the back doors" which is sort of a sweet thing for him to say!

A week later I went round to his and we watch movies and cuddled and we kissed! I ended up having go home early since I had a phone call and some family problems had come up, so he dropped me off and normally I'm not use to a guy getting out the car to say bye to me so I kinda walk off a little then realized and came back gave him a hug and kissed him again!

But its been a week now and he is being very cold and distance with me and when he's not he just wants me come round to have sex! I know I can have dirty chats with him but I have made it very clear in the past that I'm never that easy to get into bed! I just don't understand why he is being like this! after years of dropping hints that you like someone would all you really want is sex?


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  • hahaha "I'd smash her in the back doors" - what a sweetheart.

    Listen, you've created this whole relationship on the basis of sex. Why be surprised that's all he thinks it is?


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  • he just wats the sex

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