If you do not reply back (until the next day) to a guy that texts you daily, will he think you don't like him?

Say the guy you are seeing texts you pretty much daily and you have always responded back that same day.

Will he think you are not interested anymore if you didn't reply until the next day?

Hes been texting like this for 4 months.


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  • He wouldn't if you did it here and there because sh*t happens; but if you've been doing that for four months, then yes. If he hasn't already then sooner or later, he's going to believe that you're either playing hard to get (which is always a mistake) or friend zoning him.

    • im sorry so you are saying since he has been texting like this for 4 months and he texted me and I didn't reply as usual, that day, but instead replied the next day, he WOULD think something is wrong

    • No. If you've only done it once, then he shouldn't think anything of it.

    • ok thank you

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  • Why are you not dating this person? And your over thinking this, life happens and perhaps you were busy.

  • Yes, he will think you're losing interest.


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