Guys: what do you do when a first date doesn't go well?

If you go out with a girl for the first time, but you find you're not interested in continuing to pursue things, how do you handle this? Do you contact her, tell her straight up, or do you just not reach out to her again?


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  • If a guy loses interest in you just because a single date didn't go well,that means he likes you just for your looks or wants having sex with you.Either way,it's good to stay away from Cheap guys like this.

    I tend to be direct when it comes to relationships instead of beating in the bush or playing indirect games with other person.

    But If I'm not interested in her,I'd tell her in a subtle way instead of ignoring her like many guys would do because that's just indecent and plain rude..!

    I don't want to treat somebody like sh*t and also don't want to be treated same way by others.

    • I'm sorry, have you tried dating before? Generally, if you have one meal with the person, that's easily enough time to tell if you want to see them again, or if you know they're not your type. It's not cheap, or bad. It's common sense. If you find the person likable, and enjoyed the conversation, then you know another date is in order. If there was poor conversation, you found the person unlikable, etc, you know not to call back.

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    • You date the person many times more even if you don't like them?

      What culture is that?

      That sounds like forced marriage/slavery or some crap.

    • @SirCryptic - No, but we don't cut contact like that as AndyWes described.

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  • Generally speaking I try to choose a setting for the date that ensures we're bound to have a good time regardless of whether or not we click. That lessens the blow and makes it easy to be straightforward when I tell her afterward "Well, I had a great time but I really don't think anything between us can go anywhere. I hope you had a good time though."

  • Hmm..I would personally wait until she contacts you or let a few days go by and either call or text her (depends on your confidence) and simply tell her you think she is a really cool girl but you don't think it would work. even if she's not cool, still tell her. Always remember, what way would you want a girl to tell you and how; treat others how you wanna be treated and it will work well, best of luck!

  • They typically go into the friend zone after that. We may still stay in touch but we're not going to pursue something serious.

  • i rerun the whole of the night in my head and try to pick out what it is that is making not want to continue, then I'd take a tylenol pm and pass out. that way I can "sleep on it" and make a rational decision in the morning.

  • I wouldn't contact her a second time. If she contacted me, I'd tell her the truth.


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