Its OK if he does it?

A few months ago, me and this guy discovered we like each other. He told me we can't date because it is too much drama. Then two weeks ago he starts to hang out with this girl. I assume he likes her. So I decided to move on. They go everywhere together, yet every time he sees me talk to a guy friend he get mad,even of they are younger. This guy named, Cameron was talking to me today and he likes me. When the guy saw me and Cameron he walked away and was mad the rest of the day. What do I do? This isn't fair. He won't date me, but neither can other guys?


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  • Stop caring what he thinks. If he doesn't want you, then let someone else have you.


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  • I wouldn't let it get to you! If he gets to move on than I would too. Sounds like he's very controlling and it was probably for the best you remain friends!