Boyfriend hasn't texted me?

I think he got mad or upset cause I would not do something, and he has not texted me today even though he said we will talk tomorrow... Should I text him?


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  • The day is still young (unless you're in China, Australia, etc.) so I'd just give him his space and wait. Most guys will think clearly once they've cooled down and thought things out. Texting him too soon could just make things worse and frustrate him even more. If he doesn't text you before the end of the day, just say you're sorry if you made him mad and hope that he will text you back soon.

    • I think he's cooled down, and I know he has nothing today, so he is sitting, I guess if he really cared he would text me right? I guess he doesn't...

What Girls Said 1

  • Well if he is upset, let him cool off.

    He will text you when he's not feeling that way.

    If you really want to talk to him...text him first.

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