Why do women generalize men so much?

I ask this because I've heard women on here and other places Talk about how They no longer date their race, or they no longer date this ethnicity and it's not even preference based its based off of bad experiences. Now if a guy generalizes women in any type of way, everyone including other men jump down his throat. I always heard women talk like this. Now I've heard men call all women gold diggers, shallow manipulators etc, and that's wrong too, but I haven't or can't recall a guy saying he was going to stop dating his race or ethnicity because of some bad experiences . Why can't they admit that some of their problems might be them ?

And I never said that men don't generalize women too. It's a shame that I have to keep repeating that when I ask questions like these because idiots want to only read what they want to read instead of reading the whole thing.


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  • yeah that's pretty bad for anyone to say they're going to stop dating their race or ethnicity because of some bad experience they've had. and to be honest, I actually have heard women say exactly that and it makes me shake my head because I'm thinking to myself if you're the same race/ethnicity then what makes you so superior. don't really recall hearing a guy say that but than again that might just be guy talk just like these women I mentioned confiding in me as another woman.

    • Agreed. I would never say that I'm not dating my race because all women in my race are greedy, bitches selfish , and disappointing because its false and it would be stupid for me to think this way about ALL women in my race.

    • actually now that I think about it why would somebody put down their own race? I mean what does that really say about themselves? low self esteem, shame? I don't know but that's pretty lame.

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  • Interesting topic...just because YOU haven't heard a man say he would stop dating his race because of bad experiences doesn't mean anything. I've heard several black men say they want to date a white woman or Latino woman simply because "black women are difficult, we have attitudes, and we expect too much."

    But in my opinion...all women are typically the same. Our p****** are pink...we get attitudes...we want money...we want to be taken care of...we want the best d!ck...it doesn't matter what race we are.

    Yes, sometimes we cause the problems...and sometimes men cause the problems.

    It simply depends on the individual. People are always going to generalize...don't take it seriously. It just depends on the individual.

    Prime example...I heard white men are better "emotionally" to black women. Meaning they are more affectionate than black men. So I started talking to a white guy for just that reason. And guess what...he wasn't affectionate at all! But that doesn't mean that ALL white men aren't affectionate...just his ass wasn't...lol

    • I'm not. I wouldn't ever date outside of my race because I heard this about a race or that about a race Nor would I stop dating my own because of some perceived notion that if I get with this race or that race, things will be perfect. I would date any woman regardless of color as long as she can match the expectations that she has for me.

  • we draw conclusions based on personal experiences. If those experiences become repetitive, a conclusion is drawn.

    It is only natural.

    • Yeah sure. If that was true, I would think that all females were golddiggers, shallow, manipulative etc. But I don't generalize on racial stereotypes women, etc.

    • if that is all you experienced then you would

    • Some people can't admit that they might have poor judgement when it comes to dating . Everyone can't be the problem.

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  • Have you seen how much men generalize women here too?

    The number of threads that are about "bitches" always cheating/liking hot jerks/hating nice guys is unbelievable.

    I think your question should be why does humanity generalize humanity so much.

    • I mentioned that in the question . Read it again.

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    • Look who's talking. The only petty thing is that you updated your post to say that people who didn't read your monstrosity are idiots.

      I clearly understood it because I translated it into to a better looking sentence.

      I answered the question you asked without looking at the poorly written details.

    • Alright my bad for calling you a idiot, but don't try to make it seem like I was dumb. I could see if I misspelled words, didn't capitalize words etc.