He likes me, but there's a problem. Now what?

So, I have just recent got out of a relationship, but the guy was still talking to me, we still acted like a couple, had sex and so on. However, I felt really sh*tty for doing this because I was just scared to be alone.

However, while we were dating, we would hang out with my guy best friend, who I have liked for about 3 years. During our relationship, I began to like my guy best friend again. This was part of the reason I broke up with my ex-boyfriend. Anyways, they became friends, but my guy friend never really connected as much. While they were hanging out, my boyfriend clearly told him that I was off limits and if he ever kissed me, he would punch him in the face.

So, at this point, I was SO sick of my boyfriend being controlling and possessive. I went to go hang out with my guy best friend on Friday, because I was broken up with my boyfriend at that point. We spent the WHOLE day flirting, making cupcakes and smearing cupcake mix on each other faces, finding any excuse to touch, catching each others' eye, etc. It was very clear that we liked each other and we could openly talk about it.

So around 11 o'clock, he asked me to go on a walk. We ended up in a field, where we set our blanket, and laid under the stars. There it happened - he finally kissed me about 3 years. We cuddled and kissed more. We got to a point where my shirt was pulled up and stuff. He announced that he really liked me and has for a long time, but he wasn't able to do it before.

One problem: He still has a thing, and was still talking to a girl that just recently moved across the country and isn't coming back. I asked him if he is going to tell her. His response "I have to tell her. I mean she's not coming back here so it would be hard for us to connect." So, for now we are keeping it a secret from everyone, because we can't be together right now. We can't tell his family or anyone. He said it sucks but we will be together, but we are just going to take it slow. He said he would wait for me as he kissed me.

But once we got back, my psycho ex-boyfriend came to my best guy friend's house because he thought I was going to be home earlier and he wanted to pick me up. I had to tell him that it was completely over and we were not going to talk anymore to him right in front of the guy I just barely kissed. However, I didn't tell my ex boyfriend what we had done.

Anyway, so after I said my goodbyes, my new boy drove me home and kissed me good night...

Fast forward 4 days later. He hasn't really texted me at all, except for responding 6 hours to a day later. The texts haven't been as flirty as they were, and he hasn't made any effort to start conversations. I have also seen him flirting with the other girl across country over twitter and Facebook, so I don't think he has told her yet. I'm just confused. Does he want to be with/ actually like me?... or what should I do? I don't want to lose him. I feel like I'm bothering him. How long will it take to tell her? WIll he?

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  • You need to be patient and he will come to you
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  • He's torn, confused, and needs space before he can be with you.
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  • He still plans to be with the other girl for as long as possible, and you are just a back up.
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  • He genuinely likes you and is trying, but you're just over thinking it.
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  • I wouldn't see he likes you or the other girls more than the other, he seems like he's keeping both avenues open for himself... He basically has it so that you're available for him to ask out, but if he hasn't told the other girl and is acting like nothing has happened it signals that he still has interest in her. Plus he would probably think this works out well for him, he says he'll tell her and you have no real way of knowing without seeming nosey so he will always be able to make himself look like the good guy. I mean if I like someone and I've liked her for a long time I'd text her a lot after I've had my chance to kiss her and am at the stage of having the chance to date her. I wouldn't be slowing down and not contacting you.

    • Should I ask him/confront him about it? Or anything? Or should I just let it be?

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    • Well he has known, somehow, that I've liked him for a long time, so I just don't know if he is using that to his advantage?... The thing is though, he is one of the best guys I have ever met, and I mean that in the decent, always does the right thing kind of way, so it puzzles me on his actions.

    • A lot of girls think like that, honestly though guys are always different even if a girl is just their friend... A group of guys hang out with a girl they seem to talk about the usual stuff, she leaves and the conversation often switches to her and whether they're attracted to her (which they often are), but it's more guy talk than deep conversations about truly liking her. When she comes back they'll just talk about other people and stuff.

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