Is this guy going to text me now?

guy gave me his phone number over fb while I was messaging him because he said it would be easier to text. So I texted him and he came over to pick up something from him. WE had a quick chat and he told me to take care. A couple days later I texted him and said it was good to see him and thanks for the help with the car information.

He answer good to see you to told me some car info

then added hope you are feeling better from your car accident (continuing the convo)

we then talked for 5 hrs on and off because we were both at work. The conversation just died at the end do you think he'll text again or that was it?


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  • Whats His Relationship Status?

    • he's not in a relationship. he texted me today adn said "random question is this week nurse week?"

      now I am a nurse but he works in an ambulance with a nurse does that tell you anything else?

    • it depends , you can see this from his eyes , just make sure he doesn't have any relationship with the girl in car , then take a next step.

      try to text him and ask about him , then he'll do the same , try to be friends then best friends

      after that I think he'll make a good relationship with you :)

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  • Only time can tell for sure if you want to talk to him just text him first

    • i already texted him first twice I don't want to scare him off starting all the convos.

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    • Well then just keep trying to spend time with him and in case you don't know no it's not nurses week

    • thanks I know I'm a nurse, I was going to let him make the step to hang out again I don't want to push to quick...bc he sent the random question but nothing else so see if he sends anything else or ask him some question as random lol