Will he ever contact me again?

So this is horribly humiliating. I was going out with this guy, we met in may and pretty much spent the summer together. I know that is not a long time but the connection was crazy. At the end of the summer he moved like 12 hours away and we decided to try and make it work. The biggest issue came up when it came to defining our rel. I honestly thought we were official but he let me know we were not after I asked him something about his ex. He said he really wanted to make it work with me but that he needs to get to know me better first and take things slow. I would have been fine with that but it just really hurt because I thought we were already together. I tried to talk to him about how I felt but I kind of choked and did not say much. We only spoke for hlf hour because eh had to be up early but he said we would finish talking the next day. The next day, he called me just to say goodnight because by the time I was available he was going to bed and he said he would call the next day again. He did not and I kinda flipped. I said nothing mean but just that I did not want this anymore. DId not talk to him for 8 days then I tried talking to him. he ignored me so I said just please respond and he did and said he would text me the next day. He did not and again I got really upset and just texted him a lot of emotional stuff on how hurt I was feeling. I sent him like 5 messages and tried calling twice then stopped. I told him even if he didn't want me anymore, please to just say it and a lot more. Its been 2 days and no response :( Have I completely ruined my chances and what should I do. I miss him so much and I just want to patch things up cause I have never felt this way about anyone in such a short period of time. I am goign crazy, please help!


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  • THe craziness will dissipate with time. I'm sorry but time is really the only thing that's going to help here. He is no longer interested in any sort of relationship with you. Could be the distance, could be he's seeing someone else, whatever it is... the point is that if he wanted to work something out with you he would make the effort. Instead it's easy for him to just disappear. Sounds like he was pushing you away with the 'we're not official' talk. I think subconsciously he was trying to upset you so that you'd blow up. Now he doesn't need to feel guilty about breaking up with the crazy girl.

    You did nothing wrong if you were true to you. The 12 hours was really going to be difficult in the long run anyway.

    You should unfriend/block him on you computer and phone, also delete his phone number. Not so that he can't get ahold of you but so that you aren't tempted to contact him.

    He has moved on and you should too. Go out with your friends more and find clubs or hobbies to distract you. In time you will feel better and realize he was a stepping stone to learn from.

    • Thank you. Half the problem is that I don't have many friends around where I am and it's a really boring place. I do get that I need tk move on though. It just hurts so much that he could be so cold. I know I've not been perfect but I honestly thought if we decided this could not work, it would be okay and we could be friends or at least cool. I think what really hurts me is not bring heard. I would be sad if he ended it admittedly, but I was kinda prepared for the possibility of that.

    • Guys rarely want to talk about it or listen to why you're hurt, its easier to ignore you. It will be OK. Try meetup.com

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