On the fence, dating wise.

I'm not sure if I really want to start dating, approaching, etc now that I'm in college. My prior dating attempts in HS turned out to be plain terrible.

That and I've been burned WAAAAY too many times outside of dating. Yeah, I've become more pessimistic and a little more introverted due to this. I just find it hard to trust people anymore.

Any advice for me? Should I start now or later?

PS- I have a crazy schedule, but it forces me to leave the house each night at least.


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  • If you are too scared to approach chicks, just start drinking man. Drink & go to parties, drunk chicks will be begging to hook up with you.


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  • IT's gonna get worse man.

    Unless you get a lot of money and have good looks and status, you won't get anywhere with them.

    • I'll get the money with my major, but I don't like girls that only like money =/

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    • Somewhat true, or at least for most women. I hope to find an exception.

      I have decent looks I guess as well, girls have liked me before.

    • YEah just don't think for a second that personality will be enough. That's not to say change how you are, but if you expect people to genuinly show interest it won't work that way. Make these women qualify themselves to be with a soon to be much successful man like yourself and not pander to them.