What do you guys think of his reactions?

Long story short, last month, I said lots of hurtful things to a guy about whom I have been crazy(We did not have a relationship). I accused him of flirting with his co-worker in front of me, I accused him of sticking around me to get attention, and I even told him that I hated him. What was the most hurtful thing was that I told him that he was just my rebound and I never liked him. In the end, I made it clear that I wanted to cut him off. He sent me 24 text messages in a row, but I did not read any of them at all. I directly deleted all of them and I told him about that.

This month, well, last week, I missed him like crazy. I texted him and told him that. I apologized and told him that I do have feelings for him. I was just accusing him to make myself feel better. In the end, I said:"I miss you, but I know I shouldn't."

He said:"It's fine to miss someone, but just chill about it."

I said:"I know you don't want to hear from me, so could you block my number by any chance?"

He said": Just chill."

Then I said:"I know myself so well. I will probably text you from time to time before I completely get over you. I tried so hard not to text you in the last three months, but look, what am I doing right now? Bugging you with my emotional pain."

He said:"It's okay. ^___^ No problems."

He even sent me a smily face! I am really confused. Isn't he supposed to be mean and harsh to me?

Based on his reactions to my text messages, can I assume that he wants to be friends with me again?

Please tell me your opinion! Thanks! <3


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  • He's probably just being nice since he has to work with you.

    • Nope, he does not work with me. I just ran into him and his coworker in June. We do not have any mutual friends.

    • Either way, he's just being nice.

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  • He is just being polite. Now move on.

    • Nope, we are going to see each other soon. thanks tho.

    • So he is a polite catch. Good on you.

  • He is just being nice I don't think he wants to be friends tho, I think you should delete his number and move on. The situation between you two is nothing it is over it can only be more unhealthy for you to linger on.

    • He agreed to see me tho.

  • He's just a wimp who will take anyone's crap. I would think most men would have forgotten your name.

    • Take our your word, "wimp."

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  • maybe he realized he was out of line and caused you to go off..so now he is just being cordial

    • do you think he is still willing to be my friend?

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    • this isn't a writing class,so who cares,read the point