Talking less and less this week. How can I get everything back to how it was?

I've been talking to someone I've had a thing for snd it feels so damn good. We've been texting for a little over a month now. And lately I've noticed something is different he isn't really talking to me that much :( I know it's silly to whine about texting but it kinda hurts my feelings! I'm not a crazy texter who will text him him every 5 mins...I usually send one and wait for him to reply. But I'm also noticing he'll reply once or twice then stop it happened again today:/ I know he's a busy man and works all day, but work hasn't stopped him from texting me before. Ahhh I so hope he's still interested :/

How can I get everything back to how it was?

Whenever he doesn't text back I always invision him texting other girls prettier than me or something like that(girls think crazy) He's a good looking man so I know other women got their beady eyes on him.


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  • First you are insecure. Second you don't own him he can talk to whom ever he wants. Third most guys don't like to text. He probably did it to make you happy but he doesn't want to keep it up forever.