I don't understand. Did I do something?

So a good friend of mine just, out of nowhere, began to ignore my texts. We used to talk to each other a lot, but over the summer I was away and didn't get to see or talk to her much. When school started, everything was fine, I didn't see her as much but I still made an effort to talk to her whenever I saw her in the hallways. Recently, she started ignoring my texts. I don't think I've said anything offensive to make her angry because most, if not all of my texts, were things like "Good luck today!" or just "How was your day?". She used to answer them with a "Thanks!" or "Good how was yours?", but now I get no answer at all. What confuses me the most is she still talks to me in school the same. I know her phone works fine since I still see her texting, tweeting or taking pictures with it when I talk to her in school.


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  • I had the same problem with a bestie of mine. We are no longer besties

    • Do you know know the reason why that happened?

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  • Since you two are sincere friends before,I think you could hold a open-mind communication and found out where the problem is.I still can't understand what's wrong with texts between you and her from your description.

    • Neither can I. I might ask her tomorrow if I see her. I could ask her best friend too...think that'd be a good idea? Her best friend has some classes with me.

    • Well,thanks a lot for your comment.If you are still willing to ragard her as your best friend,you could talk to her friends who is familiar with you indirectly,which could avoid a awkward situation.