Why do girls love me, but won't date me?

I've never had a problem gaining friends who are women. Every where I go, women flock to me and love to be around me. I get compliments all the time about how good of a guy I am.

Even now, after having moved to a new state for college, I have tons of friends who are girls who seem to love being around me, can't stop talking about me, and always want me to be included in their plans.

This is great and all, but I'm single and am interested in actually dating a girl, not just being friends with 100's of them. the problem is I can never get any of these women to date me.

So I'm trying to figure out what piece of the puzzle I'm missing if I can get girls to like me, they just won't take that next step and date me. This leads me to believe its either lack of sexual attraction, or I posses some major red flag. I believe its the former since I don't have any major red flags like being a player or something.

Process of elimination has led me to my height since I'm a pretty short guy (5'4), and because I've actually had a one or 2 women say to me that they would date me if I was taller.

Do you think my reasoning is correct? Is it safe to say that if girls always want to be friends with me, but won't date me, that its likely lake of sexual attraction of some kind?


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  • let me put it straight here.. cause life is too short.

    i think its a lack of sexual attraction. girls feel bad for you...they want to be your friend. bam

    how to fix it? either start going out with these chicks or leave em. start hanging out with more guys and get yourself out there.

    it may help to get a new hair cut/ clothing. don't get your mother to cut your hair. go to a place pay them some money and get it cut. For clothing try to be on trend but still in your comfort zone.

    good luck my nigga

    • I but I know I'm a pretty attractive guy. No brad pitt, but I'm above average. I've had a handful women comment in various times about me being attractive, plus I've had a handful of GF's. So I'm not like a 40yr old virgin. I just feel my success isn't near what it should or I would like it to be. I'm just sick of having one girlfriend every 3-5yrs. That's assuming they don't last, but that's an issue for another day.

    • then why would you think its a lack of sexual attraction? I feel like you want me to sugar coat things and tell you what you want 2 hear.but its just not how I do things.i nver once thought that you were some 40yr old virgin lool. To me brad pitt isn't sexy anymore. I think his lost it since he got with Angelina.his lost his clean cut style and sh*t.Now his got this beard and long hair.and his style has completely diminished from how it used to be. his not ugly,tho he dresses 2 make it seem that way.

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  • I believe the major red flag is that you have too many girl,friends and women don't want to compete so they see you as maybe a smooth talking player but fun to talk to


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  • Another reason could be this you haven't asked any out yet

    • I do. That's the thing. I make a move, but nothing. I'll ask them to dinner or something, and they'll turn me down. So it's not just be being pissed that they won't approach me. These girls are straight up rejecting me.

    • Examine the answers carefully to see which one is the most likely in your opinion or take all the advice

  • You're not sexual - you don't make them feel like desirable sexual beings.

    It has nothing to do with your height.

    • I feel like I do, but maybe I'm doing it wrong or missing something. I make sex jokes/inuendos when appropriate. I'm not afraid to talk about sexual topics. I use subtle touching like on hands, back, etc. I'm a gentleman, I have great style (I get compliments all the time by women on my fashion). I'm just not sure what else to do aside from full blown hitting on them and asking them to bed. I don't want to be some perverted creeper, who's grabbin asses, and and making vulgar comments.