Is it wrong to tell the guy you are dating you are scared because everything is so new to you when dating him?

I have been seeing him for 3 months. Things are great. He started wanting to talk about some things we had talked about the other night again so we did.

HE brought this convo up so I went with it.

I told him I was scared because everything is so different and new with him.I told him I wanted to get to know him and was is no rush.

Was it a turn off to tell him I was "scared?"


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  • I think that fear in a relationship is pretty common for a lot of people. They don't want to get hurt after all. It might not have been what he wanted to hear, but I don't think it would have been a turn off. You communicated how you really felt, and that is a good thing. Lots of guys wish their girls would actually tell us how they feel about stuff instead of getting mad at us for not being mind readers. I think you did the right thing by being honest. Hopefully he is the type of guy that will respect that.


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  • No. He should roll with it. If he likes you, he'll be more patient.


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  • I had the same conversation with my boyfriend - it was fine.

    In fact, it was so sweet because every so often he'd make a point of asking if I was okay or if things were going too fast.. It made me feel like I could stop anything or at any point to say I wanted to slow things down.