What are some good reasons for not dating when you are single? Or are there none?

So you are single and for some reason you do not want to date. what are some good reasons?

Or are there no reasons? that its all just smoke screen for you to not get yourself back out there?

i've seen people argue both. what's your take?


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  • The reason I can't bothered to date, it really is too much effort. Relationships never last as long as they do. I think why spend all that time and your energy with that person and get nothing out of it, except a guaranteed break up and empty bank balance. sex is over rated anyway. relationships are too materialistic these days.

    But on the other hand, if you do meet the right person, it can make you the happiest person in the world. I don't think that will happen, because no one is willing to put in the hard work when it comes relationships these days, too much freedom, and too much choice.

    I really do think too much freedom and choice is killing the white culture, when it comes to relationships. This is why sometimes I wish born as a Indian or a Pakistani, they have less choice and freedom terms in what they can do in relationships. If you get divorced or cheat on that person, you bring shame on the family and on yourself. That's how it should be.

    The media and celebrities are certainly not helping us in the way think of each other and relationships, they are putting so much pressure and false ideas into young peoples heads, and you wonder why the next guy/girls ends up so confused and complaining about relationships and the opposite sex.

    that''s my take on it. I think mr oracle could give a brilliant answer on this one lol.


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  • I think people can definitely have valid reasons to not want to date, however I also think there are people who make up excuses just because they're afraid. I don't think fear is a good reason not to date.

  • A reason could be because the are waiting for the right person or they could just be lonely but that is just what I think and there are many other reasons.


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  • 1. You're immature.

    2. You're just not "built" for it.

    3. You really, really don't want to.

    4. You're really, really anxious about it.

    5. You're really, really busy with projects.

    There's five right there.

    I mean there are false ones such as:

    1. I don't want to be hurt again.

    2. All ( sex ) are evil / manipulative / something negative.

    3. Lack of preparedness ( you're never able to be prepared )

    4. I can take care of myself ( no, you can't, that's why humans partner up )

    5. I don't want to lose my autonomy / independence ( you buffoon! you have none anyway even when you're by yourself. It's why you crowd yourself around people and spill your BS all over them! )

  • You may have been hurt before and don't want to go through that again

  • don't go out that much due to not having many friends, so meeting new people is hard

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