Are we dating or FWB?

About a month and a half ago a new guy started at my work we flirted a lot and went out for drinks, which he paid for, then we kissed one night after work then started having sex. He said he couldn't date anyone because do to family issues he didn't have a lot of money. We agreed on FWB. My friends say we are dating because we hang out, don't hide it at work, he kissed me in public, have 2 hour conversations after work, admitted we would both be jealous if the other person did anything with anyone else and promised we wouldn't and no late night booty calls. It has been going on a month. So does he like me? Are dating or FWB? Basically what does it all mean?


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  • given how "dating" is ambiguous, I can't say that having 2 hour convos, publicizing your "relationship", etc is considered "dating".

    However, FWB usually isn't ambiguous. The only requirement of FWB, afaik, is that there's no open emotional attachment. Even exclusivity can apply to some FWB relationships.


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