Girls hate guys who would never date a fat girl, but they would never date a short guy. Double standard?

Is this a double standard? Girls are always shining about how guys don't view fat girls as attractive, but they would never date a short guy. Is this a double standard? Especially since weight can be controlled but not height?

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Stupid auto correct. I meant short guys in the title and whiners in the post


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  • Why can't people just date whoever they want for whatever reason they want without being judged?

    If you don't like fat chicks, don't date them.. if women give you sh*t ask them why they care so much?

    If women don't want to date short men they shouldn't have to.. if men give them sh*t for it they can ask them why they care?

    If you're a fat woman whose feelings get hurt because a man won't date you due to your weight you can do two things.. lose the weight or move on.

    If you a short man whose feelings get hurt because a woman won't date you due to your height you can do two things.. get extreme surgery to length your legs to make you one inch taller or move on.

    If you think people who judge others like this and consider certain physical characteristics are deal breakers shallow don't waste your time explaining to them how you consider them terrible people.. just move on.

    Why are we so obsessed with other peoples' lives when it comes to things like this? Does it even matter? lol

    /rant over.

    To answer your question, it's only a double standard if society is OK with one side, but not the other. Being fat is a double standard to some degree, and so is being short.. but not dating with in the two.

    It's more OK for a man to be overweight than a woman (not morbidly obese, just overweight).

    More girls like bigger guys than guys like bigger girls.

    It's more OK for a woman to be short than a man to be short.

    More men like shorter women than women like shorter men.

    Weight and height can't be placed together as a double standard in respects to my logic.


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  • Girls hate guys who would never date a fat girl, but they would never date a short guy. Double standard?

    That's not a double standard going by the definition of the world as not dating 'fat'/not viewing 'fat' as attractive is what is being hated on. Not dating short guys has no relevance here or show double standards.

    Especially since weight can be controlled but not height?

    Egh I don't see how this would make a difference or have any relevance on whether or not this action fits a term. For it to be a double standard the gals would have hate on guys who would never date a fat gal when they would never date a fat guy.

    • Yeah it does since girls get so mad at the fat girl stance of guys, yet they have a no short guy stance.

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    • So then discriminating against someone for physical characteristics like being overweight is wrong, but doing it for them being short is OK. That seems to be the long winded message you are delivering

    • No the 'long winded message' I'm delivering is that it's not a double standard for gals to hate guys who don't date fat gals when said gals don't date short guys. That a double standard would be gals hating guys who don't date fat gals when said gals don't date fat guys.

      Nowhere did I state anything is 'wrong' or 'OK' so it seems that's more like your projection of personal issues.

  • Lol. I've always said I prefer tall guys, 6 feet over. I'm 5'7'' myself, so tall guys definitely attract me a LOT more. But you know what? I've dated 2 guys that were my height, and one that was just 1-2 inches taller than me. I consider this short, but I dated these guys anyway. So I don't think there's a double standard. I, too, wouldn't date a fat guy, but since I'm in shape myself (around 125, that's alright, if not lean for a girl of my height), I would like to date someone who has a similar fitness level as me. I don't see why I'd settle for a fat guy when I make efforts not to become fat myself, it's just fair game.

  • I don't expect guys to like me if I was fat and I know a lot of girls who feel the same way but ya there are some girls who think that way and I think they are both stupid, like who cares if a guy doesn't like someone who's over weight and who cares if someone doesn't like someone because their height. Everyone has different preferences

  • No a double standard would be if those girls didn't want to date fat guys. And that's not true of every girl anyway. I don't care if a guy doesn't want to date fat girls and I am dating a short guy.

  • It's not really like that, personally I would never date a skinny guy, but my friend would never date a chubb. Hight isn't usually something I notice, I once dated a guy cause because I'm tall but I never saw him as short, people have a certain type they want everyone's different. Like what's you turn off in a girl?

  • A small percentage of people view FAT people as attractive. Man or woman. ( noticed I said fat not curvy)

    FAT link

    CURVY link

    • Since I get to see a comment from a girl who actually knows the difference between fat and curvy I must ask:

      Why do so many girls lie to themselves and claim they have curves when they are fat?

    • Yeah but I hear girls constantly complaining about how guys won't even look at a fat girl even though they do the same thing to short guys

    • I'm not "all girls" If a hot guy is shorter than me I would still give him attention.

  • The guys I have dated have all been average/short. (between 5'5 and 5'9).

    But seriously, why can't people just whoever they're attracted to (unless illegal) without being liked/hated/analyzed by others?!

    • That is actually my exact point! Women go on and on and I hear it all the time about how bad men are for not viewing fat girls as even remotely date able, yet the same group by and large views short men the same way

  • guys don't like girls taller then them as they want to fell masculine and if the girl is taller you won't feel like that

    • Short guys do like girls taller

  • Not really. Most guys are taller than most women. That's not a double standard anyway. It would be a double standard if women get mad at guys not dating fat women but don't want to date fat dudes.

  • I have dated guys shorter. If they're cute and treat me Well what's Not to love?


What Guys Said 4

  • yeah what's more unfair is that a girl can change her weight, but you don't have control over your height, that's DNA right there

  • If this is the case then obviously yes

  • Date whoever you want no one stops you

  • Except a person can control their weight but not their height so if anything judging by height is more shallow

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