Is it possible to tell if a guy likes you as more than just friends through text messages?

Like all the little long he takes to reply, how much he types...stuff like that. Or are guys not that complicated?


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  • i guess yes, depends on what age though

    if he used a lot <3<3<3<3<3 xxxxxx

    could be a sign

    i only do this to my crush

    and he used to do this alot

    • But he could easily feel that way and be a slow short message text reply only kind of dude. You won't know unless you ask him...

    • yea my crush, was, he texted alot, even the first few times I only texted him a question, he replied me a whole page, and after we elevated to FB text, he replied so quick and I have to wait until he finished, what I meant was, that's him, even though if he didn't like me he still texts a lot to other people

      but if you could tell he is caring, I guess he is interested anyway

      try to flirt over text and tease him a little maybe?

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  • If you want to know his feelings about you, the only reliable way (and even then it's not 100%) is to walk up to him and ask him a specific question, preferably in a happy non threatening manner.

    Different people text different amounts. Some don't like to text at all and will put off replying. It's just individual preferences.

    • yea you are right, different people text differently, some girls just give way too many "xxxxoooo" and <3<3<3<3 to guy friends, I won't do that

  • No. There's never enough to make a 100% definitive tell.


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