Guy won't text me back but tells me to keep texting?

so me and this guy have been on 2 dates and before that we would send walls of text to each other I know really annoying it'd take us a couple of hours to reply to each other but he always answered my texts now after the second date we still text but not lengthy texts which I'm fine with that was tiring but now he doesn't even reply like I have to keep double texting him and he's a shy guy so he won't ever take the initiative and text me first so I have to do all the texting which makes me feel clingy

also I met him on a dating site so I know when he's online and on his phone so I know he's ignoring me. so I texted him today saying I'm sorry I won't text you anymore I promise. and within 5 min he was like I'm sorry I just woke up, don't stop texting me then he answered my question from earlier. but he lied Because I saw he was online on the site 2 hours earlier. so I texted him back and he stopped replying AGAIN.

should I just stop texting him knowing ill probably never speak to him again or hangout Because he never texts a girl first or asks them to hangout? or should I ask him why he stops texting me?


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  • maybe he;'s just stringing you along