Ladies, need your help on this on a girl giving me mixed signals.

This girl in my class I really liked we studied together a for a test, exchanged numbers, she use to text me after exams like how did I think I did, etc. I was mad about this chick and I could tell she like me too. Man's intuition. She always used exclamation points in texts, etc. Anyway I asked her to go out on a date and she said she actually had a boyfriend, but seemed super happy and excited. it is true I saw her boyfriend on her cell phone screensaver. but I told her if they ever broke up to get in touch with me Because I would love to take her out. I found her beautiful and sexy and I fancied her. she seemed flattered and early the next morning texted back she would and thanks(meaning if they ever broke up she would get in touch with me).

weirdly though a day or two later I get a text from this number I did not recognize from apparently her boyfriend who said hey listen man I want you to leave my girlfriend alone . we are not going to break up and she is not going to cheat on me so forget about her dude. but yet oddly he said thanks for complimenting my girl though . which I found super odd what guy would thank a stranger guy complimenting how sexy he found his girl and how bad he wanted her-it seems bizarre. all of my buddies saw the texts and said that was odd and they would never say that to a guy who was hitting or trying to steal his girlfriend. so they think maybe she wanted me to back off or is testing me and had one of her girlfriends text me acting like her boyfriend. even if it was her boyfriend why would she let him see such personal private texts from me. that seems odd. I don't know what to think.

either way regardless of who sent the texts should I never contact this girl again or wait a long time and contact her. when she failed out of the class she told me a class she was taking next semester and the exact time of the class-not sure why she would do that if she was not hinting maybe I should take it too. I'm so confused as to what to do. I am crazy about this girl and I know she likes me too but has a boyfriend. and I don't want to be stuck in the friend zone. ladies what do you think of all this and give good advice please.


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  • She's f***ing with you. Yea she may like you but she's a tease for attention and drama.

    If her boyfriend did text you she's bitch for telling him. She also had to have given out your number. She just wants attention from a bunch of guys.

    If the text was actually from her then she goes out of her way to cause a scene.

    I don't think you should ever contact her again. You're attracted to her games and she walways play them even if she eventually winds up with you. She will find some other guy to start the drama with and you'll be the boyfriend sending texts to the new guy...

    • thanks so you don't think that was her boyfriend who texted me but one of her girlfriends?

    • I don't know who texted you. I just know that that she told whoever it was you hit on her and then she gave out your number.

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  • Forget about her and never contact her again. She seems very annoying and wishy washy - if I were you I'd be 100% done with her already. You need to move on and find omeone who isn't as childish as her, playing mindgames like that is just not cute. She's insecure, doesn't know what she wants and is probably just playing with you to get some attention. Move on, you're wasting your time man.

  • Easy - as you got a random text, get one of your buddies to call the phone and/or listen to the voice mail message if set up. They would know it wasn't your phone. Once done, you'll have you answer regarding who was sending the call...if it's her mom or something, then you know it was her. If it is some girl, it's one of her friends. If a guy - your friend should speak to him and ask who's on the phone. Just a way to get to the bottom of this buddy...

  • igorne her. just do hi bye classmate.


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