How do I support him without becoming his rebound?

My guy friend just broke up with his long term girlfriend. He's very upset about it. We're not extremely close friends, but he doesn't have a lot of friends either. I try to keep him company and change his mind from his ex. Except I'm afraid he'll start to have feelings for me and want to rebound with me. I only see him as a friend. In fact, I have a thing for a mutual friend of ours and he knows this. Any advice on how I can be a supportive friend yet not have him read into something that isn't there?


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  • I think it's great of you to try to be a supportive friend. I've been in a similar situation and my female friends were extremely helpful. Because I was somewhat damaged and lonely at the time, I was tempted to view several of them as potential rebounds, so your concerns are totally valid. In my case, things worked out pretty well, I didn't use any of them as rebound-girls, and we are still good friends.

    Just be as clear as you can be that you're acting as a friend, not a potential source of sex. If it comes up, you might say "I want to be there for you as a friend," or something else with the word "friend" clearly inserted.

    If you might be interested in him in the future, but you don't want to be a rebound-girlfriend, try something like "I'm not sure if you should be dating anyone until you've had time to get over [ex-gf]."


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  • Be a friend, listen to him. Introduce him to a perfect rebound.


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  • Just tell him your always here for him.. that as a friend you will try your best to help him when he's sad or to call if he wants to hang out. I think he will get the point once you say " as a friend". You can also introduce him to other girls or take him to places that are loud and lively so he can get his mind off things. Maybe like a party or a concert.