How do you let go of insecurities when dating someone?

I absolutely hate it, and its hard for me to control. Its taken over my dating . I'm falling for this guy I've been seeing and want to be the calm cool girl he has known so far. But as my feelings progress for him I find myself getting jealous and wondering if (or when) he is going to cheat andl/or leave me . Sad thing is he really has done nothing for me to be suspicious about.

Most of my insecurities stem from him telling me about all the women has dated, one included a stripper.

I think he is a good guy and could/was faithful but I need some advice how to keep in the now and not let my insecurities take over my dating life and ruin my chances with this guy.


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  • I think what you should do is talk to him about and let him know how you is and you been hurt in the past, just take your relationship slow and tell him to be patient with you if he really do like love you then he would understand.