I met a guy on a dating site, and...

Recently I joined a dating site I felt like I should try

Something new.

2 days later this guy Msgd me saying he would

Like to get to know me. I viewed his profile and

I liked what I saw so I Msgd back.

We started msging back and forth than he asked

For my number I gave it to him right away. We started

Texting and later on we started talking on the phone

For hrs. I felt like wow I have so much in common

With this guy, I couldn't believe that I think I

Met my soul mate from a dating site. That's

How much we connected. He would text him

Good morning every single morning he wake up,

So here's the issue 2 days ago he textd me good morning

What's up etc etc the convo was going pretty

Good a regular normal convo all of a sudden he

Stopped texting back.

I sent him a cute picture of two people kissing

He replayed with "cute"

His not the type of guy who texts just one word

So right away I assumed something was wrong so

I called him. And he didn't pick up nor call back.

And yesterday he didn't text me good morning

Neither did he today :(

What do you think f***ing happened eveything

Was going great what happened here ?!

We planed to meet up but plans didn't work out.


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  • Lots of different things. He may have other stuff going on in his life or he may have run into problems. Perhaps he got cold feet and is a little nervous about meeting up. Might be a little on the shy side. You need to give him a little room then text him back.


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