Why did boyfriend say he will probably talk to me tomorrow?

we were texting last night and he said "i'll probably talk to you tomorrow, good night(:" probably? is he busy or something? how is he busy if he wanted to hang yesterday but I said I couldn't because I had to go shopping...im so curious about how he is busy. I'm not going to text or call him because I feel annoying. I keep over thinking. I always over think...a lot plus worry alot. I think it's OCD since my friend who has OCD does the same thing. He hasn't texted nor called me today. I don't understand how he is busy if he wanted to hang out with me today (Saturday).


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  • By saying "probably" he's left himself an out in case something unexpected comes up. If he said "I will talk tomorrow" and he didn't how would you feel and what would you think? So I wouldn't worry about it. Your cool.


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