Hey guys that use POF.

I got a question for all the guys who use/ have used pof.com. How often do you get a chance to have a 2 way conversation with a girl that is both your type and willing to give you the time of day? I understand that your pictures have to be completely perfect, (like a mid air pic of you sky diving or something) you have to be a total pimp master with what you write in your profile, and you have to come up with the most perfect thing to try and talk to her about otherwise you'll get painfully dull responses (among a million other things that have to be perfect (kinda like a space shuttle launch)) I just want to know how often you get a chance to talk to girls that are your type?

Thank your for your feedback!


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  • Is it really that hard 0.0?

  • You have to be a pretty attractive dude and tallish', or have a high paying job for dating sites to work for you. At least lie about the money part. Here's an interesting chart from OkCupid user data.


    maybe you need to lie about your wealth and height lol. On Avg. guys actual height was 2in shorter than described and they were 20% poorer than they claimed. Online dating has to many people that aren't really honest when describing themselves. It's worked out great for some people. Usually, it's just a way for dudes to find women to quickly hookup with and not worry about any real relationship. Not gonna knock it, works for some people but not me.

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