What do you do if your date has a stalker exboyfriend or date?

Jack him up good? If you all say jack him up then what would a girl and her female friends think about me if I go to far since he is a pretty big guy and I might have to? Thanks..


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  • If someone is stalking the girl you're courting and she makes it clear that she wants it to stop, deal with him. Notice how I didn't say "Tell her then deal with him" Just go behind her back, if you're worried about what she may think of you.

    Girls do not agree with physical violence for two reasons:

    1) They're at a disadvantage

    2) They would prefer to psychologically abuse someone

    The second is, in part, due to the first. Most girls think it's blasphemy for two people two settle their differences via physical contact but perfectly okay to abuse them emotionally. Maybe, it's just 100% of the girls I've encountered.

    • Be realistic about the fact that most stalkers are mentally unstable and may have some mental disorder. So while you think you can just "deal with him" just like that, he may be one of those highly intelligent, clever psychos who is educated enough about law to make it backfire on you and continue harassing her maybe even worse than before. You can just

    • You act like a stalker being mentally unstable affects anything.

    • Backfire is a keyword. In this case it is since it involves so many people and it a guy who likes her at work. She would hear about it and they might say I'm the psycho. So if I was to tell her I wanted to just deal with it as far as I need to because it's happening would that backfire? Maybe I should throw the question on her...

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