Why do American Marines/Soldiers/Sailors see us women just as "Foreign Experience"?

To make it short I met a Marine Officer. He never has too much time for me but when he does, he treats me like a princess. Now recently he seems cold and his best friend told me that I deserve better and that he's not right for me because he decided not to date me anymore since I didn't want to sleep with him after the 5th date...and yeah and that men from the military never really get serious with foreign women because we're mostly just a 'Foreign Experience'.


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  • There are women of certain let's say, nationalities, who are stereotyped as being desperate to be with an American man, for social reasons and validation and approval that they are worth their attention.

    Or to get out of poverty.

    My guess is, the guys simply want the experience of 'tasting the rainbow.' They want to see what it's like to be with a woman from a different cultural background from a different part of the world.

    But there's also the chance you're just dealing with an a**hole. If he'd been acting cold towards you since you mentioned not wanting to have sex with him, then, he was just another person who wants sex while you want more.

    That was an issue of incompatibility.


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  • When I was in the Marines, we didn't talk about foreign women like that.

    I didn't want to sleep with him after the 5th date<--- that's why he left you. 5 dates? You wasted a chunk of his life to be honest.

    And FYI, bases here in America are FULL OF FOREIGN WOMEN. Fort Belvoir in Virginia has 75% Asian women as cashiers.

    SO we DO like foreign women, its just that we like the ones that don't take us to 5 dates.

    • Doesn't that imply that he just dates to have sex? Because he told me that he's looking for something serious and we women get taught that IF we look for someone serious, we should hold out as long as possible...So let's say next time we meet and we end up in bed, it would be a better idea to just I've in? By the way, he doesn't have that many options here since the vast majority of women here are Asian (I am white European) and he said he's not into Asians...so don't know what to think. What's your advice?

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    • Why am I seeing all his friends (also Marines) whoring around evey time we meet. 3 of the 5 dates were gatherings wiht his friends and most of them had other Asian girls next to them, making out when drunk etc...and of course as an officer, he hangs out with officers and not the enlistees (who seem to be even crazier with the partying)

      Would you give up on a girl because she still doesn't give up the goods? Doen't that mean there aren't feelings (of respect) because else you would wait?

    • You earn respect. You gotta start giving, before you start receiving.

      Its really not that hard, but you can setup terms with him, like if you give it up, he will need to stay with you. A relationship is built on two people making an agreement right? Well you can state your wants and needs.

  • What you describe is not an American thing or a military thing, or even a male thing. It's a human nature thing. May I ask where you are from?

    • I am from France but I'm working as a journalist and photographer in Japan.

    • Ah, thank you.

      I thought the French hated Americans though...

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