Whats the motive for girls playing head games?

I was seeing a girl for a couple of months but then blew her off, I was rude and the rest. We still saw each other for sex and maybe coffee but the momentum of what was turning into something more had gone. I didn't like it-really messed up and knew it, but she said she was keeping up her defenses to me. For the last two months we have still text-atm she doesn't live near me but recently she has text me about meeting up. Naturally I give chase but then she gives me a fairly legit excuse at the last minute. so she suggests a following day and when I chase after it she doesn't reply. Il text her again saying there's no point me trying to make the effort if I'm going to be ignored. At which point I get an immediate text saying how she's just got her phone back. This pattern happens more often than not-she will text, I text back, she doesn't reply-so I make a point as to why she is acting like this and then immediately get a response. What is the point in this game? She has told me she is still interested and still has feelings for me (only when I've text though and said something along the lines of 'we might as well just leave it if you are not interested)

I was a d*** to her to begin with but I am really trying now not too. every time I tell her its OK if she is not interested-no hard feelings etc-She tells me how she is still interested-but that's as far as it goes, suddenly her texting becomes short and snappy again.

Does anyone make sense of this or understand it because I am so frustrated. Its like she is just precariously dangling the carrot in front of me to withdraw it immediately.


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  • To try and get control.

  • Looks like you came across a Miss elusive check out my post to a couple of guys who had the same problem. link it's the last answer at the bottom. It has 4 up votes.

    • Shit that pretty much sums it up. Why does she want me to try and keep in contact with her though?

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    • She doesn't ask for money or tell me many problems at all-its so mixed and unclear. Fact is as well-she is dating someone else because of me treating her bad and saying I did no want a relationship. Yet despite this she still wants to meet me.

    • Tell her to back off then.