Is it okay that he texts his ex?

I've been dating this guy for about a month now, and we really care about each other. The thing is, as soon as we started talking, his ex that he had dated for five years decided to text him. He's told me about each of their conversations and shown me the texts, and apparently he's even told her about me. I told him about the guy before him I'd dated who dumped me to get his ex-girlfriend back after she started texting him, and have asked him if he would be with her again if he could (to which he told me no, that she'd hurt him too much and that I am "1000 times the woman she is") but I have never directly told him that I don't want him texting her. I want to be trusting and supportive and show him how much I appreciate his honesty. So what are your thoughts on the matter? Is it wrong for him to text his ex? Will this be a problem later? I don't talk to any of my exes anymore, but I just lack the desire to.


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  • Yea this would make me uncomfortable. I would highly consider telling him how you feel about the situation. In my opinion she does want him back, you said they were together for 5 years...that is a red flag. Yea I think its okay that they are friends as long as the ice is broke and things are smooth but I don't think someone could fully move on from that, you didn't mention how long they have been split up you should also consider that. But just talk to him about it for now take his word.

    Relationships are all about communication and trust.


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  • It sounds like the girl is probably trying to get him back or at least is trying to feel like she's still important for him and wants his attention...

    But what are they texting about?

    I would advise you to trust your man on this one and if you visually see this girl trying a move on your man than you should act by showing pdas.

    • That's what I was thinking, I trust him but definitely don't trust her. Originally it had been "i want you back and I messed up" and he was telling her things like "I'm sorry you feel that way, but you hurt me and I can't do it again." but since he told her that he's with me, it's just been catching up.

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