Does she actually like me?

So I started dating this girl beginning of September. We met on a blind date kinda thing. friends girlfriend invited us both out and we hit it off. First few times we hung out we made out and she spent the night. Tried taking it further on the third and 4th nights but she said it was too fast so I backed off.

Ever since we've been dating pretty casually like once or twice a week. But the interest level is going down on both ends I feel like. Were not really as touchy feely anymore. I try to make moves/ go in for more passionate kisses but she rejects it kinda.

Normally I'd just take this as her not being interested and I'd be over it. Wednsday she invited me to come sleep over out of the blue.. I did but nothing happened, I got there we watched like an episode of TV and then she said she was tired. She does have to get up at 5:00AM every morning usually. Then Friday we had a date but she left right afterwords.

And yesterday she asked if she come come hang out/ sleep over but again seemed pretty dull and distant physically/emotionally. It's almost 2 months in, and I'm just starting to get bored. Help!


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  • seems to me like she is bored and don't really feel the chemistry when she's with you, but when she's not, she misses you. Could also be that she's lonely and she invites you over to just be a companion. Go with your gut feeling. Ask her straight, what you guys are actually doing, and what she hopes from your "thing".


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